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Sheila Montague is a distinguished and dynamic community leader based in Newark, NJ. She is a graduate of Kean University with a major in Secondary Education and a minor in African American Studies, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Seton Hall University. Born and raised in the heart of the city, Sheila has dedicated her life to advocating for social justice, equality, and positive change within her community. Her unwavering commitment to uplifting marginalized voices and fostering a culture of inclusivity has earned her widespread respect and admiration among her peers and constituents as a multifaceted and accomplished leader with a rich history of success in various fields. In addition to her advocacy work and community engagement, Sheila has made a significant impact in the realms of sports, education, fashion, film production, and gender equity. 


With a background in community organizing and grassroots advocacy, as a 20 plus year education inclusive of being an adjunct professor at Essex County College, Sheila has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at addressing systemic issues such as poverty, education inequality, and access to healthcare. Through her tireless efforts, she has successfully mobilized residents, local organizations, and government officials to work together toward building a more equitable and thriving Newark. 


Known as a city-wide championship coach for girls' basketball, Sheila has not only mentored young athletes to succeed on the court but has also instilled in them values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance that extend far beyond the game. Her dedication to empowering young women through sports has left a lasting legacy in Newark's athletic community. 


As a debate coach for near 20 years, Sheila has cultivated the critical thinking skills, public speaking abilities, and confidence of countless students, preparing them for success both in academia and in their future careers. Her commitment to fostering intellectual growth and encouraging thoughtful discourse has had a profound influence on generations of young debaters. 


In the realm of fashion, Sheila's creativity and vision shine through her role as a founding member of the modeling club, Vogue, at Kean University. By providing a platform for aspiring models and designers to showcase their talent and express their individuality, she has helped shape a vibrant and inclusive fashion community within and outside of the university.


Sheila's passion for storytelling and visual arts is evident in her work as a movie producer of short films. Through her creative endeavors, she has explored important social issues, sparked meaningful conversations, and inspired audiences to see the world through a different lens. 


As the founder of Changing The Lens, Educational Tutoring Services, Sheila continues to make a difference in the lives of students by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to excel academically and pursue their dreams. Her holistic approach to education reflects her belief in the transformative power of learning and personal growth. 


Driven by her commitment to community empowerment for all, Sheila also founded NJWAGE (New Jersey Women Advocating for Gender Equality/Equity), a platform dedicated to advancing the rights and opportunities of women across the state. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, NJWAGE has become a powerful force for change in promoting gender equity in all aspects of society.


As a prominent figure in Newark's social and political landscape, Sheila is known for her ability to bridge divides, facilitate meaningful dialogue, and inspire collaborative action. 


In 2022, Sheila bravely stepped into the political arena as a candidate for Mayor of Newark, NJ, showcasing her leadership, vision, and dedication to serving her community in a new capacity. While acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience working on campaigns such as Ron Rice for Congress, Hillary Clinton for President, Phil Murphy for Governor, and Ras Baraka for Mayor, Sheila's candidacy demonstrated her unwavering commitment to grassroots advocacy, community empowerment, and true progressive change. 


Throughout her tenure as a district leader, she has tirelessly advocated for the needs and concerns of her constituents, mobilizing support, and driving meaningful engagement in local and state politics. Sheila's deep understanding of the issues facing her community, coupled with her experience in political organizing and advocacy, positioned her as a formidable candidate with a clear vision for a more inclusive and thriving society.

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